Month: August 2014

Muay Thai “Sexy” women fighter’s ad tempting to Allah’s wrath

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Last week, a Muslim group in Malaysia is against to the billboard advertisement that posted by the Kedah. It’s a promotional advertisement for the Z1 International 2014 Mentri Besar Muay Thai Tournament, which features pictures of both men and women fighters.

According to the report, Muslim group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) ruined the Kedah authorities for installing the billboard. They said that the pictures would invite the “wrath of Allah” on the state.

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Being a Muay Thai Fighter

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Muay Thai is a combat sport wherein you will learn a self-defense and various clinch techniques. They called it “The Science of the Eight Limbs”. It started too evolved in the early 19th century and it became popular sports in Thailand but also in the international. As time goes by many changes were made to the sport at that time: boxing rings and stadiums were built, gloves were required, timed rounds were put into effect, and rules were created to protect the athletes.

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The Benefits of Muay Thai

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Muay Thai is a national sports of Thailand that use various techniques like punching (Chok) , elbow (Ti sok), kicking (Te), knee (Ti Khao), foot-thrust or literally “foot jab” (Thip), clinch and neck wrestling (Chap kho) and defense against attacks. In these techniques you can get a lot of benefits to your health. Here are some benefits:

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