Being a Muay Thai Fighter

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Muay Thai is a combat sport wherein you will learn a self-defense and various clinch techniques. They called it “The Science of the Eight Limbs”. It started too evolved in the early 19th century and it became popular sports in Thailand but also in the international. As time goes by many changes were made to the sport at that time: boxing rings and stadiums were built, gloves were required, timed rounds were put into effect, and rules were created to protect the athletes.


Some people say that Muay Thai is just a sport so I decided to research more about being Muay Thai fighter and interview some people who play the sports. You will be surprised about their experienced. So I went to their gym and I had a chance to interview a Muay Thai figher. I interviewed Daniel about his experienced and he said he started training in Muay Thai almost by accident. He was just looking for something to keep him active and stay in shape and never had even heard of Muay Thai. He was working in the supermarket and one of the guys who trained there that came in every morning introduced to him about Muay Thai and that’s how he started.


According to him you need to condition yourself to compete in a Muay Thai fight. That is one of the hardest things a person can put themself through. You need to dedicate your time and not just time but a large portion of the day and focus on the training. He usually had a training everyday after his work like three hours per day. It seems that you need to be an extremely athletic. You need to possess physical and mental toughness to be a fighter and to step into the ring. Muay Thai requires a large range of athletic qualities like agility, balance, coordination, speed, strength, power, and visual acuity.

Right now he’s enjoying playing Muay Thai and at the same time it helps him to stay active and stay in shape.


Photos Credit to Leon Rose Photographer

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