Suk Singpatong Sitnumnoi 1st Anniversary Special 2014

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We are inviting you to watch the remarkable Suk Singpatong Sitnumnoi 1st Anniversary Special event organized by our great promoter Num Noi Singpatong at Patong Boxing Stadium, tomorrow 25th October 2014.

In the Main event, the Muay Thai Superstar Penake Sitnumnoi is a 3X Lumpinee Champion, Channel 7 Stadium Champion, Channel 3 Omnoi Stadium Champion, WPMF(Super featherweight) Champion and awarded as the best fighter of 2011 Royal Trophy from thai journalist Association, will fight against Mark Sarracino is a 4 time Australian Champion, South Pacific Champion.

In the other card Anes Singpatong from Morroco known as “Killing Warrior” will fight againts Jacky Workhemtanon from China also known as “Fatal Kicks”.

Also watch Namsuklek Sorabdul as the Rising Star will fight against Regency Sitmuadwien as the Muay Thai Master are both local fighters from Thailand.

Watch the Rematch fight of Arthur Singpatong as Fighting Celebrity from France will fight againts Kochasarn Dragonmuaythai as the TKO Punch from Thailand.

So what are you waiting for buy your tickets now!

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