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Today is the traditional celebration of National Muay Thai day in Thailand or, Nai Khanom Tom day. It’s a commemorative day to honor and homage the great Nai Khanom Tom and all the ancient teachers who developed Muay Boran into the contemporary Muay Thai, the art of the eight limbs.

In 1767, Nai Khanom Tom was captured after the Burmese sacked the city of Siam of Ayutthaya. The Burmese king held a seven days and seven nights of celebration. A Burmese boxer matched him, but before the fight Nai Khanom Tom started to dance. The referee announced that the danced was a traditional Wai Kru through which the Muay Thai fighter paid his respect to his mentor. He defeated ten Burmese boxer, showed a unique style of fighting. The Burmese king rewards him, asking which he prefer money or wives. Nai Khanom Tom takes the two Burmese girls because he said that money was easier to find. He took his wives in Thailand, where they lived until the end of their life.

Every 17th of March, is the day to perform the Wai Kru, and you would pay respects to your trainers. In every stadium in the country, they dedicate their fight to honor the memory and achievements of Nai Khanom Tom. Today is the day to thank your Kru’s or Trainers in your camp. Appreciate their dedication and determination to share their knowledge with you.

You can watch here the ceremony of Nai Khanom Tom, 17th March 2015 in Chokchai Muay Thai Camp in Phuket, Thailand.

Photos credit to Chokchai Muay Thai Camp Phuket, Thailand

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