Fight Result of Ultimate Legend Macau International Championship 2015

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The “Ultimate legend” World Series MHC International Muay Thai Fighting Championship was held yesterday at the Macau Forum. It was a very entertaining night were all fighters gave their best to win the title. Here is the fight result.

*Women’s 52 kg class: Nongplai Mor.RM (Thailand) VS Maelle Pariez (France) – Nongplai Mor. RM Won

*60 kg class: Ji Wenhao (China) VS Sheng Yang Ming (China) – Ji Wenhao Won
*64 kg class: Pan Wenshan (Vietnam) VS Lu Yi (Hong Kong) – Lu yin Won
*65 kg class: Sotiwut Sangtes (Thailand) VS Seol Dong Beom (South Korea) – Sotiwut Sangles Won

*67 kg class: Singmanee Kaewsamrit (Thailand) VS Vahid Shahbazi (Iran) – Singmanee Kaewsamrit Won
*67 kg class: The Silver Wolf (Thailand) VS Han Wenlong (China) – Han Wenlong Won
*67 kg class: Jingreedtong Seatransferry (Thailand) VS Jose Neto (Brazil) – Jose Neto Won
*67 kg class: even Mongolia crown (Thailand) VS Won Jun Seong (South Korea) – Mongolia Won

*70 kg class: Lu Wei (China) VS Saenchainoi (Thailand) – Lu Wei Won
*70 kg class: Andrei Kulebin (Belarus) VS Gu Hui (China) – Andrei Kulebin Won
*70 kg class: Wong Kwong Wan (China) VS Ain Wichian (Thailand) – Wong Kwong Wan Won
*70 kg class: Aikpracha Meenayothin (Thailand) VS Cincinnati Tong (France) – Cincinnati Tong Won
*70 kg class: Kem Sitsongpeenong (Thailand) VS Flo Singpatong (France) – Kem Sitsongpeenong Won

After the game “Ultimate Legend” organizing committee chairman, “the ultimate legend” founder Terry descent of “The Ultimate Legend” battle flag from the hands of representatives of Macau transferred to the “ultimate legend” Meizhou station representatives from just won the national championship Muay Thai Chinese Sanshou team former captain 75kg champion Jiang Chunpeng led war China will play June 27, held on the 28th of Meizhou race.

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