2015 D1 Fighting Championship Rhino Invasion

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On 1st and 2nd of August will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the muay thai event “D1 Fighting Championship: Rhino Invasion”. D1FC is the first Muaythai Challenge Event promoter in Sabah, D1FC aims to nurture and grow Sabahan local talents and also international fighter from the Muaythai scene by preparing a platform for pro amateurs fight and pro fight to contend and put their highly skills and countless hours of dedicated training to the test.


1st day D1FC: Rhino Invasion

  • WMC D1FC Title Belt – Rafi Bohic Singpatong vs Jom Kitti
  • WMC D1FC Title Belt – Lena ‘Hunter’ Ovchynnikova vs Patricia Valkyria
  • D1FC Title Belt – Dragon Boy vs Qhalid Saripan
  • D1FC Title Belt – Aiman Red Army vs Alcer ‘Master of Disaster’
  • D1FC Super Fight – Rayner ‘King Karabaw’ vs Mikael ‘The Matrix’ Sjogren
  • D1FC Super Fight – Awie Tok Syeikf vs Ainol Abbas


2nd day D1FC: Rhino Invasion

  • WMC D1FC Title Belt – Flo Singpatong vs Bow Suweilek
  • WMC D1FC Title Belt – Mohd Ali Yaakub vs Oreo Sitsongpeenong
  • D1FC Title Belt – Amin Red Army vs Majik BJ
  • D1FC Title Belt – Randall RF Slayer vs Heendrew Cangkul Maut Lois
  • D1FC Super Fight – Zul Corner Shot vs Adik Rais Golden Eagle
  • D1FC Super Fight – Shah ‘Black Machine’ vs Yus Razor

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