Muay Thai Punch Techniques

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    • Jab – is one of the basic techniques you can use in martial arts. ¬†First, the lead fist is thrown straight ahead, and the arm is fully extended. Place the elbow tight and pointed downwards and rotate the fist at the end of the motion. You can bring the fist back to the chin as quickly as you punch out and keep the chin tucked behind the shoulder.
    • Cross – is a power-punch like the uppercut and hook. There are three kinds of cross punch; one is the right straight cross punch, left straight cross punch, and cross in counterpunch. You need to position your elbow tight and pointed downwards and then rotate your hips and shoulder. From the boxing stance position, spin the front foot on the spot and allow the back foot to lift.
    • Hook – is a punching technique in boxing. It is performed by turning the core muscles and back. A hook is usually used to hit the chin, and it can be used for body shots, especially to the liver. When throwing a hook, the puncher shifts his body weight to the lead foot, allowing him to pivot his lead foot and generate kinetic energy through the hip/torso/shoulder, swinging his lead fist horizontally toward the opponent.
    • Swing – swing or overhand is a type of hook, with the main difference being that in the swing the arm is usually more extended. The mechanics are quite the same as the cross, the boxing stance position, spin the front foot on the spot and allow the back foot to lift and rotate the hips and shoulder. Make a small circle with the punch to come over the top opponent guard.
    • Spinning Backfist – A spinning back fist is performed when the attacker swivels 360 degrees before landing the punch, adding extra momentum to the attack.

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