Danger Of Weight Cut In Muay Thai World

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Over the past few years, a lot of fighters risks their lives during the weight cut process to compete in their weight categories before their fight. This process can be dangerous for boxers if not properly done by a professional coach or a qualified sports dietitian.

Some fighters do a long run to sweat a lot in a heavy training suit, hot bath or repeatedly visit a sauna and intensive training in 24-hours to shed weight.

It can be fatal and may lead to death like dehydration, heart attack, heat stroke or kidney failure in the long-term effect of cutting weight.

There’s a disadvantage of excessive cutting weight before the event like poor performance can lead to defeat.

The danger in weight cutting process would not happen if there were more weight categories for fighters to compete

Remember that you must know how long your body will take to lose weight and exactly how your body is going to feel the process.

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