Soi Taied Stadium


About the Stadium

This stadium opened up in 2014 on Soi Taied, the street where Tiger Muay Thai, Dragon Muay Thai, and Phuket Top Team are located. Due to the increasing popularity of MMA and Muay Thai in this area of Phuket, a consortium of investors built the Soi Taied Stadium to cater to the local tourists who would like to watch Muay Thai. The stadium is a covered open-air structure with modern design located in Chalong.

Ticket Prices

  • VIP
  • Ringside
  • Stadium Seats



  • VIP and Ringside are chairs placed in the stadium grass floor, and are not as close to the action as the seats in Patong Stadium or Bangla Stadium.
  • Stadium seats have a great view of the action.

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